Seoul MICE Webzine | 《2016 Seoul MICE Week》①Challenge MICE Quiz! MICE Golden Bell!
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《2016 Seoul MICE Week》①Challenge MICE Quiz! MICE Golden Bell!

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《2016 Seoul MICE Week》①Challenge MICE Quiz! MICE Golden Bell!

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Quiz 1. This is a ‘document’ that an organizer submits to elicit bids from external suppliers for a desired service. ‘This document’ includes request information on details such as conference venues for MICE event hosting, accommodation sizes, financial support, available social events, and invitation plans. What is ‘this document’?Request For Proposal

Quiz 2. To promote the city’s image, the city’s convention bureau, local governments, convention centers, hotels, and tourism-related companies are responsible for this work. Activities include promotional activities for attracting foreign tourist and/or the investment of foreign capital. What is ‘this’ work? Urban marketing

Quiz 3. This is an open discussion, over which a host presides over a group of experts in the same field to share their opinions on set topics in front of the audience. In this type of meeting, audience members can freely ask questions while the host will seek to guide the discussion and assemble the opinions made. What is this type of event called?Forum 

Quiz 4. The following description relates to the convention industry. The purpose of this activity is to figure out the exact needs of convention organizers and participants, develop and provide valuable convention services in order to successfully host the event, and maintain a long-term relationship with the customer. What convention activity is this?Convention marketing

Quiz 5. The most fundamental purpose of this activity is to figure out the number of participants. Once the number of attendees is verified through this activity, the needed quantity of products and services can be predicted for the preparation of meeting. What is ‘this’ activity?Registration   

Quiz 6. Among the following setups, what is the setting style that produces maximum capacity?
1. Classroom style
2. Conference style
3. Theater style (O)
4. Banquet style

* Drag each quiz to find an answer.

Any individual who can correctly answer the above quiz questions can be considered a MICE expert. On November 23, the event of ‘Challenge! MICE Golden Bell’ was held for ‘future MICE talents’ at the international conference hall of the KCCI. This event lasted for two hours and was designed for participants to compete in displaying their knowledge about the MICE industry. Approximately 100 students representing six tourism-related high schools in Seoul took part in this quiz event: Haeseong International Convention High School, Seoul Convention High School, Seoul Tourism High School, Daeil Tourism High School, Songgok Tourism High School, and Sunjung Tourism High School. The Golden Bell quiz covered a variety of questions from basic knowledge of the MICE industry to recent issues.

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Eventually three students made it to the final question, with the winner being Hyeong Ye-hui from Haeseong International Convention High School. Early on in the quiz, she was the only individual who had answered correctly on a quiz answer sending her to the finals. Regarding her win, Hyeong shared, “I will study hard to become a professional MICE person.”

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Eui-seung Kim, Director General of Seoul’s Tourism and Sport Department not only attended the event but presented the final question, and later the prize. He expressed his admiration of the students’ knowledge and zeal saying, “I was surprised that the students were able to so quickly answer these MICE-specific questions.” He added, “I expect them to hone the knowledge and competency needed for the field and to become global talents that will aid them to later lead the MICE industry in Korea, as well as Seoul.”

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