《2016 Seoul MICE Week》⑦International Reporters from MICE Media Outlets Visit the Seoul MICE Week

– Major American and European MICE media outlets attend Seoul’s MICE Media Tour over six days

Reporters from seven major international MICE and business travel media outlets visited Seoul, from November 21 through 26, as part of the Seoul MICE Media Tour. The media tour was the second hosted this year by Seoul with the first, held in May, focusing on major publications from Chinese and Asia-Pacific publications. Like all of Seoul’s MICE Media Tours, this trip was designed to offer reporters insight into Seoul’s MICE infrastructure, tourism offerings, and support services and programs for tourists and business event participants.

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Over their six days in Seoul, the group of reporters conducted field surveys of the city’s major convention centers, hotels, unique venues, and had the opportunity to meet with member organizations of the Seoul MICE Alliance and Seoul city officials. The tour integrated MICE and tourism, including team-building programs that are available uniquely in Seoul such as learning the traditional acoustic performance of janggu and a tea ceremony that helped highlight the city’s traditional Korean experiences.

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During their tour, the group had an opportunity to visit the 2016 Seoul MICE Week Forum under the theme of Seoul’s Sustainable MICE Industry. The forum allowed the city to offer a deeper look into the city’s MICE policy and infrastructure promotion directly to the reporters.

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Author: Jiyeon Lee

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