《2016 Seoul MICE Week》⑧What are the Most Popular Activities for Visitors From Abroad in Seoul?

8 투표1The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) kicked off an online survey titled, “The Most Favorite Experience Activity When Visiting Seoul” for non-Koreans living abroad. The survey was conducted for nine days, from November 21 to 29, and was designed to help the city form a better idea on the desired experiences for visitors to Seoul. The online event was accessible via Seoul’s copy-right free photos section (photos.miceseoul.com), where people can download high resolution images of Seoul for free.

In the survey, visitors were asked to pick their most desired activity to do in Seoul from the following team building options: ① Learning K-pop dance ② Taekwondo ③ Trying street food ④ Enjoying nightlife ⑤ Temple Stay. This online marketing event was promoted by means of online media with relatively higher frequency of exposure, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.  8 투표2The results from the survey showed that almost half of the respondents were most interested in “exploring street food” when visiting Seoul. Many respondents showed their curiosity and eagerness to try food trucks and street food stalls in popular neighborhoods such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, and Hongdae in Seoul.

K-pop dance came in second with almost 30 percent of the vote. With the Korean Wave continue to make ripples abroad, many foreign respondents wanted to join team-building activities in Seoul, like the free K-Pop dance class for visitors at the Seoul Global Cultural Center (http://seoulculturalcenter.com/korean-wave-experiences), that centered around K-pop dance.


Rounding out the results was the Taekwondo experience, Temple Stays, and enjoying nightlife. For more hands-on activities in Seoul, visit photos.miceseoul.com.

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Author: Jiyeon Lee

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