《2016 Seoul MICE Week》 ④’MICE TO MEET YOU!’ Four MICE University Organizations Develop Future Bonds of Seoul’s MICE Industry

After the 2016 Seoul MICE Week wrapped up a busy first day, about 100 students attended the ‘MICE Night of Students’ event.

Despite a number of formal and informal MICE student groups found around the country, meetings generally tend to be on a local basis making exchange with other groups from other regions difficult. The lack of opportunities for interaction limits experience and information exchange for these aspiring job seekers.


With this in mind, the ‘Night of Students’ event was designed as a way to pave the way for future mutual cooperation between students groups with the event participated by some 100 students from four MICE student organizations: ‘Seoul MICE Supporters’, ‘Students of Mice (S.O.M.)’, ‘ Kyung Hee Convention Society’, and ‘Kyonggi University’s tour club Atlantis’. Although the four organizations differed in everything from characteristic to establishment date, they each were a vigorous and lively group.

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Many of the student members had never even known of these other student group’s existence before the event but as the night’s events progressed the friendly spirit proved infectious all-around. Things like humorous ‘MICE Stickers’ helped break the ice for smoother networking and helping cultivate mutual friendship. At the end of the event, students who received the most stickers from networking received awards.

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Students wishing to enter the MICE industry workforce are encouraged to join MICE student organizations along with the Seoul MICE supporters. The following are information about the student groups that attended the “MICE Night of Students” event.

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Author: Jiyeon Lee

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