Seoul MICE Webzine | Going all out to Once Again Host the ITS World Congress/2022 Transportation Olympics
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Going all out to Once Again Host the ITS World Congress/2022 Transportation Olympics

Going all out to Once Again Host the ITS World Congress/2022 Transportation Olympics

Going all out to Once Again Host

the ITS World Congress/2022 Transportation Olympics


The city of Seoul and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) have set out to bid for the right to host the ITS World Congress 2022. The ITS World Congress – also known as the “transportation olympics” – is the world’s largest annual trade show and conference where new technologies, products, and equipment associated with intelligent transportation systems are presented and exhibited. It is an event that is attended by 10,000 participants comprised of businesses from all over the world over that are a part of the cutting-edge transportation sector, scholars, and government personnel.


After Seoul was selected this past May during the domestic bidding contest to compete for the chance to host the ITS Congress 2022, an exclusive bidding committee was formed comprising of the city of Seoul, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), and other relevant organizations such as the Intelligent Transport Society of Korea. With Seoul and MOLIT playing the key roles, the exclusive committee attended the ITS Asia Pacific Forum held this past June in Hong Kong and promoted MICE Seoul at a luncheon that was hosted by the city of Seoul, and engaged in other bidding activities such as promoting Seoul at the Korean Pavilion of the M Exhibition Center.


ITS_Montreal2017_RGB_largeIn addition, at the World Congress 2017 being held in Montreal at the end of October, Seoul will be doing a presentation for the bidding competition along with Taipei, Taiwan and Suzhou, China – the other cities that are officially in the run to host the ITS World Congress 2022. For the presentation, STO gave their full support to the overall bidding process by holding a bidding clinic to establish a presentation strategy and offer presentation coaching services; by funding the bidding committee’s overseas bidding activities; and by drawing up the bidding proposal as well as the letter of support for the bidding committee from the Seoul Metropolitan City Mayor and the CEO of STO.


The host city for the ITS World Congress 2022 will be determined after ITS Asia Pacific’s secretariat conducts a inspection of the host city candidates upon the conclusion of the ITS World Congress 2017 in Montreal. The board of directors for the ITS Asia Pacific will make the final decision, which is expected to be announced in May 2018 in Fukuoka, Japan. The Seoul Tourism Organization is planning to actively support the bidding process through phased support programs. The ITS World Congress 2022 will be held for a period of five days in mid October of 2022. The event was a huge success in 2015 when it was held in Bordeaux, France, and in 2016 when it was held in Melbourne, Australia, with more than 10,000 participants attending both of the events. The event has been also held in Korea twice before – 1998 in Seoul and 2010 in Busan.

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