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Seoul Cultivates Global MICE Events

Support offered for events with international potential
Seoul International Cafe Show, recipient of stage 3 support, will open on November 8


The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) are supporting MICE events to cultivate an internationally competitive global MICE industry. The selected candidates will be supported for up to three years, and differentiated stage-specific support will be implemented. In total, 10 candidates were selected for final support. Five events were selected as Stage 1 (up-and-coming) events, four as Stage 2 (becoming international) events, and one as a Stage 3 (global) event.

Stage 1 (up-and-coming) consists of events held for promising future industries. This stage covers seven promising service industries such as the medical, tourism, content, education, finance, software, and logistics industries, as well as new industries such as the robotics and space industries. For Stage 2 (becoming international), events with a high international growth potential that also hold exhibitions and international conferences jointly were selected. For Stage 3 (global), the candidate that was selected is already an internationally competitive event with a convergent personality that can help it evolve into a festival.

This kind of support encourages convergence within multifaceted MICE events, and it aims to develop the event as an industry festival that can represent Seoul. In addition, the support program promotes the revitalization of the local economy and the increase of the MICE industry's economic ripple effect through a rise in attendance from overseas buyers and participants.

STO provides differentiated support that is specific for the events in each stage. For Stage 1 events, KRW 20 million is provided for consulting and event expenses. For Stage 2 events, KRW 50 million is provided to help cover overseas media advertising expenses and other expenses associated with promoting the event and attracting buyers. For Stage 3 “global/convergence” events, KRW 100 million is provided to be used for official banquets and domestic and overseas promotional expenses. An evaluation meeting will be held each year for the selected MICE events to determine whether they will continue to receive support, which will depend on the performance of their event. Events can receive support for a maximum of three years. In addition, on-site assessments of the supported events will also be carried out.

The 17th Seoul International Café Show, which is currently the only event that is receiving support as a Stage 3 (global) event, will be held at Coex Convention & Exhibition Center (Coex) in Samseong-dong, Seoul from November 8 to 11. The Seoul International Café Show is an international exhibition where you can experience coffee-related knowledge and culture, and see global coffee/food and beverage trends at a glance. The 17th annual event will be held under the slogan of "A Cup of the World.”

This year, more than 600 companies from 40 countries will attend and operate 2,000 booths to promote businesses and products in various fields such as coffee, food and beverage, baked goods, interior design, and startups. A total of 160,000 visitors from 80 countries are expected to attend.

In particular, the Seoul International Café Show offers a variety of events that make it easy for not just coffee-related industries and professionals to participate, but also for locals as well.

There will also be a World Coffee Leaders Forum where world coffee savants and top coffee experts from Korea and abroad will come to share their coffee knowledge and skills. Under the theme of “diversity and balance,” experts will present alternatives to the polarization problem that is currently being faced by the coffee market. Experts from each field will also be in attendance to discuss topics ranging from technical aspects such as brewing techniques to market analysis and marketing strategies.

In addition, the Seoul Coffee Festival will be held at Seoul's main cafe streets and the lobby of the Coex together with the Seoul International Café Show. A variety of programs will be offered such as the Coffee Training Station, where you can find your perfect blend of coffee, such as the Varie:TEA PARTY, where you can make your very own tea blend using a variety of tea leaves, and the Coffee Science Lab, where you can see coffee brewed using advanced science and technology.

During the festival, the Seoul Coffee Tour Bus program will be taking guests on a tour around major cafes in Seoul located in areas such as Hapjeong, Mangwon, and Itaewon. Guests will have a chance to look around the cafes and taste a variety of coffees. The goal of the tour is to inform event visitors from Korea and abroad about various famous cafes in Seoul using the convergence of city tourism resources.

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