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Seoul MICE Alliance committee representatives elected


Five new representatives for Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) committees were elected during the alliance's third election held this past December 12th.

Coex Convention and Exhibition Center director Cho Sang-geun was elected to represent the MICE Bidding Facilities Committee, MICE & COMPANY's CEO Bae Deuk-sung was elected to represent the MICE Bidding PCO Committee, Sebang Travel/KC Tours director Kim Guk-sung was elected to represent the MICE Bidding Travel Agencies Committee, Jeongdong Theater’s department head Park Jin-wan was elected to represent the MICE Support Committee, and FI Convention's CEO Lee Kyung-jin was elected to represent the Unique Venues Committee. The committee representatives will be electing the SMA general representative during a meeting that will be held in January. The term length for elected committee representatives is three years, and representatives may be re-elected to serve one consecutive term.

The election was conducted using the online voting system of the National Election Commission, and a total of 94 members among the 227 registered members of the SMA participated in the election, recording a voter turnout of 41.4 percent.

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