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Seoul Sends Korean Wave Worldwide at IMEX Frankfurt

Korean Wave craze has participants enthralled thanks to special programs letting the world know about Seoul’s diverse food and culture!

Seoul Convention Bureau participated in IMEX Frankfurt, one of the world’s largest MICE industry exhibitions. The May 21-23 International Exhibition for Incentive Travel (IMEX) marked the 17th time for the event to be held in Frankfurt, and it drew 88 buyers, 3,886 attendees, and 4,942 business visitors from 98 countries.

With worldwide phenomenon BTS as Seoul’s current Honourary Ambassador, Seoul Convention Bureau held a public relations center and briefing session on the theme of ‘Hallyu Seoul’ to actively promote Seoul as an optimal city for MICE. The operation of the ‘Food Hallyu’ publicity center acknowledged the recent trend of increasing consumer needs on overall Korean culture, and attracted the attention of MICE industry specialists from around the world.

Having experienced Korean-style chimaek (chicken with beer) provided by the Seoul MICE publicity center, IMEX attendee Christina Leung Vermorel said, “It was very fun to experience this aspect of the Korean Wave that I had previously only heard of. I could taste all the foods in addition to receiving consultation on various MICE support programs, making the consultation one to remember for a long time.”


In addition, a briefing session on Seoul’s meetings industry was held for 70 MICE industry professionals and officials from Asia, Europe, and other parts of the globe. The event discussed the appeal of Seoul as a global hallyu city. The Seoul briefing session featured a German K-pop cover dance performance, traditional Korean musical instrument gayageum performance, as well as a traditional Swiss percussion instrument hand pan performance. All contributed to promoting ‘Cultural Hallyu’ and provided a place where everyone could experience a bit of the global hallyu phenomenon.

Seoul Convention Bureau Director of Marketing Lee Gyeongjae said, “Our participation in this IMEX exhibition is a proud cooperative effort with our private sector members of the Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA). We will do our best in overseas marketing so that Seoul can become the world’s best MICE city.”


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