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‘KME 2019’, the largest MICE industry exhibition in Korea

Seoul Convention Bureau in spotlight with 49 Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members accompanied at KME

Seoul Convention Bureau participated in Korea MICE Expo 2019 (KME 2019), which was held in from June 13-14. This was the 20th time that KME was held, and it is the largest MICE industry event in Korea. This year’s event included 250 companies related to domestic and overseas MICE, and featured 300 buyers from Korea and other countries in addition to major domestic convention centers and tourism-related organizations. After the opening session, a consultation session began. The keynote session presented a colorful story on the Korean MICE industry under the theme of ‘the era of South and North Korea cooperation and the development direction of the MICE industry on the Korean peninsula.’

Seoul Convention Bureau actively attracted MICE industry stakeholders with their participating 49 Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) companies. A large-scale publicity booth designed with the concept of Seoul’s day and night time charms captivated the attention of participants. In addition, a traditional Korean Chief Gate Keeper was there for participants to meet when they entered or exited though the traditional Korean gate. The quiet and official atmosphere engaged the curiosity of participants.


On the first day of the event, there was a joint MICE marketing briefing session between Seoul and Gangwon-do Province. MICE joint marketing is an initiative that aims to maximize the effect of publicity by promoting joint projects among local governments in addition to aiming at the maximization of the attractiveness of MICE and the satisfaction of MICE participants. The first partners of the MICE joint marketing initiative were Seoul and Gangwon-do Province. Sessions were held on three topics including Technology, Marketing & Creativity, and Global Guidelines – which have become hot issues in the MICE industry.

A Seoul Convention Bureau official stated, “We are planning diverse activities to attract the MICE industry together with SMA member companies. Sustainable growth of the MICE industry can only be achieved when we work together with our alliance.”


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