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Seoul Stands Tall as an International Meetings City with Successful Bid

40 Conferences Confirmed to be Held in Seoul Including 2021 ISUOG World Congress
Collaboration Between SMG, STO, and Seoul MICE Alliance Member Leads to Bidding Success
Seoul Solidifies its Status as a Top Three Meeting City with Continuous Bidding Efforts


With the successful hosting of one international conference after another, the city of Seoul has been establishing a strong foothold as a MICE destination. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Foundation (STO) have revealed that Seoul has won the bids for 40 large-scale international conferences (estimated total number of participants: 35,000) in this year alone. Among these, there are 12 international conferences with more than 1,000 participants (accounting for approximately 25,000 delegates). The main events include the 2021 ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology) World Congress (2,000 attendees), 2020 ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) International Symposium (3,000 attendees), ISPOR (International Society for Pharmaceuticals and Outcomes Research) Asia Pacific 2020 (2,000 attendees), and the IVV (The International Federation of Popular Sports) Olympiad 2021 (5,000 attendees).

Most recently, at the 2018 ISUOG World Congress that was held in Singapore from October 20 to 24, Seoul was selected as the destination for the World Congress in 2021. This large-scale international conference, which will be attended by over 2,000 doctors, scholars, and professionals within the field of obstetrics and gynecology, will be held for the first time in Korea. Before being selected as the destination for the World Congress, Seoul engaged in a competitive bid process against Tokyo, Japan, and Greater Noida, India.

There was active cooperation among related organizations during Seoul's bidding process for the 2021 ISUOG World Congress. SMG and STO received ISUOG’s request for proposal via the London branch of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in July 2017. After inquiring around different domestic societies, a decision was made to visit the hospital staff of Seoul National University’s department of obstetrics and gynecology; after this point, plans for forming a bidding advisory council were pushed ahead. The board of directors from the Korean Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (KSUOG) immediately selected the World Congress as an item for their agenda and ultimately decided to move ahead with plans to bid for the 2021 ISUOG World Congress.

SMG and STO were unsparing with their support during every step of the bidding process for the World Congress, whether it involved providing funding, conducting consultations, drawing up a bidding proposal, assisting with the composition of letters of support from the mayor of Seoul and the CEO of STO, holding a bidding clinic, participating in a joint bidding presentation, and providing support for a representative from ISUOG’s head office to conduct a site visit in Seoul. In particular, the efforts that were put in by domestic societies, STO, and Coex Convention & Exhibition Center during the joint bidding presentation that was given at the ISUOG headquarters on March 15, contributed a great deal to the success.

After Singapore and Brussels, Seoul holds the third most number of international meetings in the world. The preference for Seoul as a meetings destination has increased greatly due to the recent inter-Korean summit talks and the impact of Hallyu, the Korean pop culture wave. In the future, the city will continue to provide comprehensive support services, including the active cooperation of related organizations, in order to attract more international meetings.

SMG and STO stated, "As one of the top three international meeting cities in the world, Seoul has been establishing a stronger presence. We will be unsparing in our efforts to strengthen joint marketing efforts with related organizations so that more international meetings can be held in Seoul."

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