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2018 Seoul MICE Week to Talk Strategy

To be held at Coex Convention & Exhibition Center (Coex) and other locations from November 19-23, the annual event will include the Seoul MICE Forum, briefing sessions for support programs, Seoul MICE Alliance Annual Meeting, and MICE Future Talent Day



2018 Seoul MICE Week will be held from November 19 to 23 at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas hotel and Coex to discuss the developmental direction of the future MICE industry. The aim of the event is to raise the local community’s interest in Seoul's MICE enterprises and to discuss future strategies for Seoul, a top-three global international meetings city.

The event, sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and organized by the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO), will be attended by over 400 domestic and overseas MICE professionals. Various programs will be offered such as the Seoul MICE Forum, Seoul MICE Alliance Annual Meeting, MICE Future Talent Day, and briefing sessions/conferences about support programs for international meetings held in Seoul.

In this year's event, the qualitative growth of MICE in Seoul will be promoted through the training of industry professionals and MICE organizers. In addition, B2B business meetings will be held for the creation of businesses in the MICE industry.

The Seoul MICE Forum - the main event of Seoul MICE Week - will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas hotel on the 22nd, with approximately 300 domestic and overseas MICE professionals in attendance. The forum will feature discussions regarding urban marketing strategies to strengthen the future competitiveness of Seoul MICE, the latest MICE industry trends and prospects, attracting global MICE tourism, and the qualitative growth of the MICE industry. The discussions will cover the plans for developing Seoul’s MICE industry according to best practices overseas, as well as securing competitiveness for the MICE industry.

A briefing session about support programs for international conferences and meetings and association/society education sessions will also be held. The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), STO, and Coex will introduce their support programs for organizers who attract and hold international conferences, and the education sessions will share the vision held by associations and societies to grow through international events. The sessions will be attended by 200 people including representatives from SMA member companies, representatives from associations and societies that are expected to attract and hold international conferences in Seoul, and organization officials.

A festival for SMA members companies, the Seoul MICE Alliance Annual Meeting, will be held on the evening of the 22nd. At the meeting, which will be attended by more than 300 SMA member companies, one outstanding organization that has held or attracted an event this year will be presented with the Seoul Mayor's Award. Other SMA members companies will also be awarded for their exceptional annual performance during an awards ceremony. In addition, following the presentation of the annual performance report, there will be a presentation regarding the future direction of the alliance and a networking event where new SMA members will be introduced.

The 2018 Seoul MICE Week Future Talent Day will be held at Coex on the 23rd to foster MICE talent. More than 100 people - including ordinary citizens and high school, university, and graduate students majoring in MICE tourism - will be in attendance. Some of the featured events include the JAM MICE quiz contest, which takes its inspiration from the popular quiz show app called JAM Live, guest lectures given by famous speakers, and a disbanding ceremony.


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