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MICE talent development programs bear fruit

Programs include Seoul MICE Supporters, Seoul MICE Press Corps, and Seoul MICE Talent Bank
96.6% satisfaction rate for services provided by Seoul MICE Supporters
Press Corps promotes Seoul MICE by producing 126 pieces of content
39 members of the talent bank find employment


The Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) successfully wrapped up its “MICE Talent Development Project”, which was carried out in 2018. STO is currently making great efforts to foster professional talent who will help develop the future of Seoul MICE through its Seoul MICE Supporters, Seoul MICE Press Corps, and Seoul MICE Talent Bank programs.

In the case of the Seoul MICE Supporters program, final reports showed that the supporters offered their services at a total of 103 official events (a 5 percent increase from the previous year) in 2018. The Seoul MICE Supporters is a program that fosters professional MICE talent who provide support for a variety of international events in Seoul. A total of 958 supporters provided support for the various official events that were held in 2018, and 2,870 man-days were carried out by the supporters. The organizers of these official events expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the Seoul MICE Supporters, with survey results showing that 96.9 percent of the organizers would be inclined to reutilize the services of the supporters.

A total of nine on-the-job training sessions (six official sessions, three visiting on-the-job training sessions) for supporters looking to work for official events were held, with 618 supporters completing the courses. The sessions focused on practical subjects such as courtesy training, safety education, and global communications training.

In addition, a total of 5 on-site briefing sessions were held to ensure that the supporters could provide seamless support to a number of large MICE events that were held in Seoul. Supporters shared their experiences of working at official events with a total of 290 students from the 4 leading tourism and convention-related university departments. The students were also informed of Seoul's MICE policies. Managers of the Seoul MICE Supporters also planned a unique venue touring event (One Lap Around MICE), which gave them a chance to develop their own capabilities.

In the case of the Seoul MICE Press Corps program, the 21 reporters who were selected through an open recruitment produced 126 pieces of content in 2018. The press corps carried out eight missions to promote the Seoul tourism/MICE industry, two team missions, two performance report presentations, and three capacity building programs. Through these various activities, the press corps was given a chance to help educate the public about the MICE industry and increase the capabilities of the press corps. In order to help improve the practical knowledge of the press corps, STO offered a variety of lectures including one on writing news articles, an online marketing lecture, and a special lecture with a working journalist. The members of the press corps were also given opportunities to partake in international activities such as the Korea MICE Expo and Seoul MICE Week.

The operation of the Seoul MICE Talent Bank, which is a program that has been designed to help individuals who hope to find work within the MICE industry, has also yielded favorable results. A total of 67 individuals were selected to join the talent bank through an open recruitment, and a total of 39 members have become employed in the industry (consisting of interns and full-time and contract employees) as a result of the various internship opportunities that were offered with MICE organizations and businesses. In order to help the members of the talent bank improve their skills, STO provided a variety of employment consulting services including a special lecture on personal image, a lecture on how to write and edit your self-introduction, and a special lecture and practical training for interviews. STO offered other forms of practical help, such as operating a consulting program in connection with the Songpa branch of Seoul Women UP, an employment education organization, surveying mentor agencies, holding mentoring talks, and providing ongoing internship matching services.

A total of 33 articles on STO's professional MICE talent development programs were published (covering topics such as the welcoming ceremony for future talent, Seoul MICE Future Talent Day, etc.), and a total of seven articles written by the press corps appeared in the Seoul Convention Bureau monthly newsletter.

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