MICE Seoul



Korean Stone Art Museum:
A venue where traditional and modern Korea coexist


The Korean Stone Art Museum, which overlooks the city of Seoul, is a unique space that exhibits Korean stone artifacts that were previously scattered around Korea and abroad in one place. Rather than simply being an exhibition hall for stone sculptures, the museum focuses on the philosophy and wisdom embedded in the stone art that have long influenced the Korean people. In addition to cultural assets that were recovered from Japan, there are over 1,300 stone sculptures that are on display including stone statues of scholars, tomb guardians, pagodas, and Buddha.

There are also over 300 pieces of traditional embroidery work on display, as well as more than 150 paintings by contemporary Korean artists. Something else to check out is the beautiful garden where you can see a variety of trees and wildflowers. The embroidery hall/cafe and the rooftop which offers a spectacular view of Seoul can be rented out for events. The rooftop space can accommodate up to 300 people at once.

The welcome reception for the 7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism was held here in September 2018.


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