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Seoul's Newest Team-Building Programs

New programs allow participants to try out mission-based games and check out local markets
Spotting the wrong attraction, temple stay, and kayaking experience programs draw attention


Eight new team-building programs have been introduced in Seoul this year to help organizations boost their effectiveness and establish common ground between colleagues.

The new programs have been divided into four categories. The first category is mission games, which feature Korea’s popular “Running Man” program, where participants take part in 12 missions such as finding their way out of a maze or darkness; and the “N Seoul Tower” program, where participants take part in a one-hour walking tour of the Seoul City Wall, watch a performance in front of a royal palace, enjoy the view from the N Seoul Tower, and go on a mission to find Seoul's main attractions. The traditional cultural experience category offers a “Temple Stay” program where participants can explore a local market, cook with a chef, and also learn about traditional Buddhist practices; and the “Find the Wrong Attraction” program where participants take part in a spot-the-difference activity at Gyeongbokgung Palace. The “Modern Seoul” category features the “You Can Also Be a K-Pop Singer!” program where participants get to enjoy singing and dancing at a Korean-style karaoke room. The “Nature of Seoul” category offers a Han River kayaking and kart-riding program.

In order to select new team-building programs, the Seoul Tourism Organization accepted applications last year from August 21 to September 7 from Seoul MICE Alliance members, which include travel agencies, PCOs, transportation companies, entertainment companies, and service providers, as well as startup companies that are currently receiving funding from the Seoul Metropolitan Government. After evaluating the 27 submissions based on their content suitability and the number of people they could accommodate, a total of eight programs within four categories were selected. With the new additions in place, there are now a total of 39 team-building programs that organizations can experience in Seoul. The expanded list of programs is expected to help the city of Seoul better accommodate the diverse demands of MICE organizers visiting Seoul.

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