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The Floating Island,


a festival of light brightening evenings at the Han River.


The Floating Island is a striking landmark at the center of the Han River.

In this special space, we met with a woman who says it is always a joyous challenge to try making an unforgettable experience.


CEO of Floating Island Lee Gyeongjin


Moving Hearts and Providing New Experiences



CEO Lee Gyeongjin of Floating Island, a unique venue in Seoul, originally majored in design. “I thought the MICE industry was a bit removed from the design, which was my major,” said Lee. She also stated, “Design and the MICE industry are very similar in that they eventually move people’s hearts and provide new experiences.” When she was asked about the difficulties of running the Floating Island, she said, “I can’t say it wasn’t challenging, but it was definitely a fun challenge. The thought that many foreigners who visit Seoul may have their best experience in this space and have special memories… this was a driving force that kept me moving forward.”


A New Landmark at the End of Banpo Bridge



The Floating Island Convention, a new landmark located at the end of Banpo Bridge, was built on the idea of creating a unique venue that crosses the center of the Han River. Also known as Some Sevit, the Floating Island complex consists of three islands and one media gallery in total. CEO Lee proudly said, “Gabit Island, one of the three islands where the Floating Island Convention is located, presents a stunning view of the Han River, where the entire exterior shines with LED boards.”


Some Sevit symbolizes diversity, harmony, and unity with its three primary colors, and Gabit Island is an architectural work that embodies fully bloomed flowers. In Gabit Island, it is possible to hold diverse cultural events such as international conferences, exhibition performances, and ceremonies. The main convention hall can accommodate up to 600 people and is a popular venue for large-scale MICE events, as it has a ceiling height of 13m. “Despite its large scale, there are no pillars inside the event halls. So you can enjoy a cool, open view of the Han River.” Lee’s passion for the Floating Island made a deep impression, and lasted throughout the whole interview.


A Japan Google Conference that Broke Free from the Ordinary



When asked about her most memorable MICE event, CEO Lee immediately mentioned the Japan Google Conference. “There were many memorable events, but if you ask me to only mention one, I would have to say the Japan Google Conference’ Despite being already contracted with another venue, the innovative Google said that they could not settle for having an event at an ordinary place. So they changed the conference venue to Floating Island and settled for a cancellation fee with their prior venue!”


She explained further, “The 1,500 Japanese Google employees used all of the event spaces, from the second to the fifth floor and organized the conference into five sessions. A large door with a Google logo on the bridge connecting to Some Sevit was installed. And the entire Some Sevit was made to show the symbolic colors of Google. It was an event that was created based on the careful and detailed efforts to bring Google’s corporate identity to life.” CEO Lee smiled while reminded of the day’s events.


“It is my job to create a space for special experiences and memories, not merely providing a space for events,” said CEO Lee Kyung-Jin. It is anticipated that the joyous challenges Lee faces will continue to bring positive influence on Floating Island as well as the MICE industry.


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