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‘SMT SEOUL’ Launches Penthouse Summer Course

“Seoul Style” concept where Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American Cuisine can be enjoyed through one course

1:1 customer oriented concierge service for customers to choose ingredients for personalized menu composition

4th floor is composed of 6 private rooms which can be selected depending on the purpose of event


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SMT SEOUL Penthouse (3rd~4th floor), multi-complex dining venue of SM Entertainment, has launched its Summer Special Course on Monday, 18th of June.


Featuring a ‘Seoul Lifestyle’ concept which not only Korean culture but also multiple cultures coexist, SMT SEOUL’s Penthouse holds a single course which all Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisine can be enjoyed. In addition, seasonal local ingredients are utilized to provide signature menus each season.


Marinated with tosazu made with Hanrabong (Jeju Island’s Orange) citrus, the summer special Seafood Ceviche Hwa-ban is served as appetizer. Utilizing Korean ingredients for French Recipe, the Chicken & Doraji (bellflower root) Rollade is also the special summer menu, with Doraji rolled up in chicken breast and gently cooked. It is served with beef soup garnished with beech mushroom (shimeji). The summer course menu starts at 95,000 KRW.


On the other hand, 4th floor of SMT SEOUL’s Penthouse, composed of 6 private rooms, provides private spaces as well as personal elevators, receiving positive responses for its privacy-conscious customized service.


▶Summer Course Menu Reservation Inquiries

Inquiries: +82-2-6240-9300, SMT SEOUL 3F, Penthouse

Address: Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 125-24 (79 Road to Apgujeong 58)

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