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Song Seung-hwanLaunches NANTA Event 'SMA Promotion'

NANTA has entertained more than 10 million audiences worldwide! It is a performance that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, regardless of age or nationality.

NANTA, comically depicts daily happenings in the kitchen through the Korean traditional rhythm and beats of Samulnori. NANTA not only makes a rhythmical performance by transforming kitchen utensils such as a knives and a cutting boards, but it also gives pleasure to the audience with spectacular cooking shows, a surprise traditional wedding ceremony, continuous interaction with the audience and many more.

The NANTA Highlight Performance has various versions ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. The versions include the highlight scenes of the NANTA theatre version. It is performed at various corporate events, seminars, festivals, and gala dinners.

The NANTA Highlight Performance always delivers high satisfaction to all participants and VIPs who watch the show and is always remembered as a special experience. NANTA has established itself as the representative performance of Korea and continues to receive love and attention from all over the world.

Seoul, ranked 3rd in the world for three consecutive years for holding international conferences, will continue to take the next step into becoming a globally recognized MICE city. In the process of expanding the infrastructure to boost Seoul to grow into a world-renown MICE city, the NANTA Highlight Performance will accelerate the development of MICE through special promotions for the SMA member companies.

Q&A - NANTA Event SMA special promotion Jun-woo Park +82-2-6920-7768 / junwoo@nanta.co.kr

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