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Nonverbal dance musical[Kung! Festival]

The main theme of friendship and reconciliation is dancing to deliver a message of hope.

Enthusiastic and splendid performances at the world's first B-boy theater

SJ. B Boys opened the world's first " B-boy Only Theater, ". The first work was "The Ballerina Who Loves B-boy. " The sixth work, "The KUNG FESTIVAL" solves many social problems with dance through the school background. The nation's B-boys are loved by many audiences at home and abroad for their splendid performances and attractions.

Performing with the audiences on the stage

is a stage where the audiences participate on the stage and becomes one with the actors in the play. Participation in the audience is a joint performance, which gives you greater enjoyment and memories.

In addition to the performances, SJ B Boys manage the experiment program through a K-pop dance instructor. The KUNG FESTIVAL gives unforgetable   dances and exciting stories to people around the world without barriers of language.

Wed ~ Fri
20 o'clock / Sat: 18 o'clock / day. Holiday: 16 o'clock

Samjin Pharmaceutical Building B1, 338-8 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul [B-Boy Theater]

Call +82-2-323-5233 for more information.
SJ B Boys Co., Ltd.

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