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‘SMT SEOUL’ Launches Summer Special Shaved Ice & Beer Combo Menu

Milk Shaved Ice Faithful to its Basic Ingredients is Launched
Boutique Craft Beer ‘Hellen’ (Pale Ale) Combo Menu Discount Promotion

The multi-complex dining venue of SM Entertainment ‘SMT SEOUL’ Playground (1,2F) is launching the summer signature dessert, Milk Shaved Ice.

As a typical summer dessert, milk shaved ice devoted to its basic ingredients is made with finely grinded ice topped with sweet red bean as well as rice cake. Handmade syrup, created by mixing soft milk and condensed milk in golden ratio, and fine soybean powder are provided separately for individuals’ preferences.

Along the way to summer, SMT SEOUL Playground (1,2F) is also introducing various beer promotions. Only during the month of August, ‘Hellen’ (Pale Ale), charming citrus flavored boutique craft beer, can be purchased at discounted price along with the two combo menus introduced for selection according to customer’s tastes.

The combo menu consists of truffle cheese potatoes or chicken and potato wedges which goes along well with the pale ale and can be enjoyed at 30% discounted price during August.

▶Combo Menu
2 Glasses of Pale Ale + Truffle Cheese Potatoes 36,000 KRW → 25,000 KRW
2 Glasses of Pale Ale + Chicken (Half) + Potato Wedges 42,000 KRW → 29,000 KRW
Additional Orders on Pale Ale with Combo Menu 12,000 KRW → 10,000 KRW

▶Beer Promotion Menu Reservation Inquiries
Reservation Inquiries: +82-2-6240-9300, SMT SEOUL 1F, Playground
Address: Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 125-24 (79 Road to Apgujeong 58)

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