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31 August 2018, Seoul, Korea… Genji, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Japanese restaurant, is pleased to offer two dedicated omakase bars at its restaurant: one specializing in tempura (the first of its kind in a hotel restaurant in Korea) and the other in sushi and sashimi. The two omakase sections will open officially at the beginning of September.

Omakase means “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese, and connotes a special trust given to an honoured chef, who will decide for the diner what types of dishes to prepare for a spectacular multi-course meal.

Utilizing the finest ingredients and showcasing the chef’s greatest skills and abilities, an omakase meal is a special experience that is likened to an artistic performance by the chef.

Driving the omakase experience is the new head chef of Genji, Goo Min Sool. An omakase specialist, Chef Goo has over 23 years of experience under his belt. He has been delighting the palates of diners at boutique restaurants in Seoul, and Millennium Seoul Hilton is excited to bring his know-how, innovation, and passion for Japanese fine-dining to Genji.

Genji will continue to offer a refined a la carte menu for guests preferring to choose menu items for themselves.

The word “Genji” is derived from Hikaru Genji, the main character of Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji, a renowned classical novel from Japan’s Heian period. In Japan, Genji has now become a symbol of the best food, wine and gourmet experience. By evolving into an omakase restaurant, Genji is truly living up to Genji’s name.

Available for lunch and dinner, Genji offers the best in Japanese dining in an elegant and contemporary setting.

For reservations or enquiries, please call Genji at (02) 317-3240.

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