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360 Degree VR Viewing of Coex’s Facilities Launched

Coex has launched a new 360 degree facilities viewing site. The new VR contents, produced in partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization, allows anyone to tour Coex through the convenience of one’s smart phone or computer making it a particularly useful tool for event organizers.

The new VR contents displays Coex’s exhibition halls and meeting rooms as well as the center’s lobby, loading docks, convention center hotels, shopping mall, and more. It also shows the basic information for the halls and rooms (including total size and safety regulations), allows one to change the image of the center’s banners, and customize the VR route.

The VR contents can be viewed through the official Coex homepage (www.coexcenter.com) and the Korea Tourism Organization homepage (http://k-mice.visitkorea.or.kr).

Contact the MICE Marketing Team for more information 02-6000-1121

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