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New Opportunity to Join the Seoul MICE Alliance Opens

Boosting Seoul MICE's competitive edge through public-private cooperation

Promoting collaborative enterprises through expansion of SMA


The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) are recruiting new members this year for the Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA). The recruitment is open to MICE-related corporations (businesses, organizations) in Seoul. The five categories for recruitment include ▲MICE bidding (facilities) ▲MICE bidding (operations) ▲MICE support ▲unique venues ▲and MICE organizers. Applications will be accepted from July 9th to the 31st, and results will be announced on August 6th following an internal evaluation that is conducted after applications have been reviewed and site visits have been carried out. Detailed information can be found on the recruitment notice that has been posted on Seoul MICE's website (kr.miceseoul.com). If you would like to apply, please download and complete the relevant application. Completed applications can be sent via email to the person in charge.

Click here for the recruitment notice.

SMA divides its members into five categories including MICE bidding (hotels and other facilities), MICE bidding (travel agencies and other operating services), MICE support (live performances/shopping/transportation), unique venues (attractions), and MICE organizers (associations/businesses). The alliance has proven its influence and synergistic effect through its incredible growth over the past 7 years (72 members in 2011, 260 members in 2018).

The member companies have engaged in efforts to attract MICE tourism to Seoul by participating in major MICE exhibitions both in Korea and abroad along with the city of Seoul. Last year, a conference to explain Seoul MICE's support programs for attracting and holding MICE events was held for the first time, which resulted in 160 consultations. SMA members get to experience a variety of activities and benefits such as offering support for overseas groups associated with international meetings who come to Seoul to conduct site inspections, participating in and operating the Seoul promotional booth at the KOREA MICE EXPO, organizing joint overseas MICE advertisements, and attending meetings and annual conferences for SMA member companies’ staff.

Industry professionals are anticipating that this recruitment cycle will lead to the revitalization of the Seoul MICE industry by strengthening the network for private-public cooperation. STO commented, “Business between member companies will be revitalized, and there will be an increase in diverse collaborative enterprises.” They added, “As a result, the entire MICE industry will increase its competitive edge in regards to attracting tourism.”

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