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: Cultural Spaces for Traditional Experiences

National Gugak Center, Jeongdong Maru, Korea House


Everything about Gugak, traditional Korean performing arts

The National Gugak Center was founded with the purpose of preserving and developing gugak, or traditional Korean performing arts, which includes traditional music and dance. A variety of educational and experience programs are offered at the center. Groups of foreigners can take part in programs to experience various forms of gugak such as janggu and samulnori, Korean folks songs, and pansori.

National Gugak Center


A quiet cultural space in the middle of Seoul

Jeongdong Maru is a cultural space that holds a variety of events, such as house concerts, seminars, business events, and promotional events. As a unique venue that was opened by the Jeongdong Theater, Jeongdong Maru is located on Jeongdong-gil - a street in the heart of Seoul where cultural heritages from modern Korean society can be found. A number of different events can be organized here such as small live performances and catering, a viewing of Jeongdong Theater's main performance for 2018, 'The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu', and traditional cultural experiences. Jeongdong Maru's main experience program, 'Janggu Experience', runs for 30 minutes every day at 3:00 p.m. A maximum of 50 people may participate; the price for participation is 15,000 won per person. A certificate is presented to the participants upon the conclusion of the program.

Jeongdong Maru


A beautiful house for a complete traditional experience

Located in Jung-gu, Seoul, the Korea House is a comprehensive cultural space that offers cuisine and traditional experience programs. The Korea House is managed by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and was built to introduce foreigners to traditional Korean lifestyles and culture. The Korea House was where the private residence of Pak Paengnyeon - a scholar of Jiphyeonjeon during the Joseon Dynasty period - was located, and it was built in the style of the Jagyeong-jeon building at the Gyeongbokgung Palace. At the Korea House, you can participate in one of its many permanent experience programs that allow visitors to try on hanboks, make bibimbap, and watch performances. Groups of 20 or more can try a variety of traditional experiences in the categories of food, crafts, and entertainment such as making kimchi, creating Korean paper art, taekkyeon, and samulnori.

Korea House


Benefits of using unique venues

Seoul offers special benefits to businesses (travel agencies) that bring in corporate meetings or incentive groups through the use of unique venues. Subvention of 10,000 KRW per participant will be supported if the group qualified* and using one of the six experience courses which include ▲Walking on Seoullo 7017 ▲ Cycling along the Han River ▲Trekking on the Seoul City Wall ▲Hallyu experience ▲A traditional experience ▲ and Newly suggested programs.

Seoul MICE Cards, multi-functional transportation card, with a value of 8,000 KRW to international participants will be also provided to the group using three or more Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) member companies.

(*Qualification: a business group that stays for at least 2 consecutive nights in Seoul with 100 nights or more altogether)


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