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2nd Seoul MICE Media Fam Tour of 2018

MICE journalists from Europe and the Americas were invited to experience

Seoul's competitiveness as a MICE destination


The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) carried out the second round of the 2018 MICE Media FAM Tour from September 16 to 20 for MICE journalists from Europe and the Americas.

In order to help Seoul become a global MICE center, the tour was organized in affiliation with the 7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism - an event that was co-hosted by SMG and the UNWTO. Not only did the participants learn about Seoul's competitiveness as a MICE destination, but the FAM tour also introduced other facets of the city that relate to the theme of urban tourism, such as Seoul's fair tourism, urban regeneration landmarks, and MICE infrastructure. For a look at some of Seoul's unique venues, the group toured urban regeneration landmarks such as the Oil Tank Culture Park and BAESAN, and they also checked out a tourist site called Donuimun Open Creative Village.

The members of the media also showed an interest in Seoul's “tourism that coexists with local communities.” The journalists were shown articles about sustainable tourism and learned about the eight measures that were introduced by SMG - including the implementation of “touring hours,” designation of a “No Parking” area for tour buses where parking is strictly enforced, increasing the frequency of waste collection, etc. - to deal with the sudden increase of tourists around the Bukchon Hanok Village.

Spanish journalist Jose Aguarod from Eventos Magazine said, “The Oil Tank Culture Park is a unique location that can only be experienced in Seoul. It is an amazing location that tells a story that is specific to Seoul.”

The participants toured around Seoul's main MICE infrastructure, such as the city's convention centers, hotels, unique venues, and tourist attractions, that have helped Seoul come in number three for two years in a row on an international meetings list (according to statistical standards) that is published by the Union of International Associations.

Futhermore, the participants of the FAM tour also learned about international meetings that are held in Seoul and support details for corporate meetings as they were introduced to the members of the recently expanded Seoul MICE Alliance and Seoul's MICE support package, PLUS SEOUL.

The introduction and experience of Seoul's team-building program also received a great deal of attention. On the 17th, the participants took part in a team-building program at the Namsan Seoul Tower Hanbok Culture Center where they had the chance to go around the N Seoul Tower while wearing a hanbok.

Through the FAM tour, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization continued to promote Seoul as a safe and competitive MICE destination to overseas journalists. The tour was also seen as an opportunity to inform potential MICE organizers about Seoul.


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