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Unique Venues of the Month:The best venues awarded at 2018 Seoul MICE Week



The ‘Floating Islands’ of Some Sevit glow on the Han River

Some Sevit, which consists of the first artificial islands that were built in the country, has three islands that are connected by walkways and a multimedia art gallery called Yevit. In addition to a convention hall, Some Sevit also has a number of additional facilities such as a performance hall, exhibition hall, and restaurant.

Floating Island Convention is the only floating convention space in Korea. It is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, a car lift, and a widescreen facility, which makes it an optimal venue to hold international meetings, business banquets, marketing events, brand launches, and weddings. As one of Seoul’s representative unique venues, Floating Island Convention can hold up to 500 guests at once and a variety of MICE events.



Aston House, the perfect venue for a classy event

Aston House is a special banquet venue that suits elegant business meetings and events and private parties that emphasize luxury. The venue(located at Walkerhil hotel area), which possesses both an exotic charm and a Korean beauty, gets its name from Aston Hall - a royal mansion in Aston, Birmingham, England. The Jacobean beauty and classic elegance of the 17th-century royal mansion in Aston, England provided the basis for the design of Aston House.

Aston House consists of one large event space and three small banquet halls, and it provides a spectacular view of the Han River. It also has a bedroom, dressing room, dining room, study, reception room, and a bar that have been furnished with handcrafted furniture and artwork. The venue has an outdoor garden where you can view the beautiful scenery of the Han River’s upper region, Achasan Mountain, and sunset. Aston House, which also has a VIP suite, can accommodate up to 150 people.



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