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Seoul MICE Alliance elections to be held Dec. 12th

5 branch representatives and a general representative will be elected
Representatives serve 3-year terms and can be re-elected for one consecutive term


The third election for Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) representatives will be held on December 12th. The purpose of the election is to select the five branch representatives and the general representative of the SMA Management Council.

The term length for elected branch representatives is three years (previously two years), and representatives may be re-elected to serve one consecutive term. The elections are conducted using the online voting system of the National Election Commission. The 299 SMA member companies will be participating in the elections.

SMA is divided into the following 5 branches: MICE tourism attraction facilities (convention centers, hotels), operation (PCO, travel agencies), support (transportation, services, entertainment, shopping/tourism), unique venues, and MICE event organizers.

As international meetings and corporate meetings/incentives are the main MICE event support items, the MICE tourism operation branch will be divided into PCOs and travel agencies for this election. The election results are scheduled to be announced on December 13th.

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