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2019 Asia & Pacific Bleisure City Rankings

2019 Asia-Pacific ‘Bleisure’ City Rankings Announced

According to the 2019 Asia-Pacific Bleisure Cities list published by the Economist Intelligence Unit in the UK, Seoul ranks No. 10 in Asia in the category of being a ‘bleisure’ city. The term bleisure is a combination of the words ‘business’ and ‘leisure’. It describes the business trip trend of adding days of personal leave before and/or after business trips in order to leisurely enjoy the destination while there.

Among the 26 Asia-Pacific cities, Tokyo ranked No. 1, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, and Melbourne, which were selected as “five-star Bleisure cities”. The survey was conducted with 1,500 global business travelers who have traveled to 34 cities in the Asia Pacific region over the last three years .

The survey was developed based on diverse factors that influence business trips such as each the safety of the city, ease of transportation, availability of consumer goods and services, and opportunities for cultural experiences.

Source : “THE 2019 BLEISURE BAROMETER,” The Economist Intelligence Unit, last modified n.d., accessed june 10, 2019, https://fivestarcities.economist.com/infographic/


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