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To New Beginnings! Seoul MICE Future Talent Day 2019


One step closer to the unfolding of new opportunities and possibilities!

Passionate young MICE intellectuals meet experienced mentors.



On July 5, “Seoul MICE Future Talent Day 2019” was hosted by Seoul Tourism Organization at the Floating Island Convention on Sevit Island. About 200 MICE supporters and members from 9 different regions across the country, including Jeju, Goyang, Busan, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Seoul, Gangwon, Incheon, and Gyeongju, participated in the event.


The event began with a welcoming speech by Seoul Tourism Organization president and CEO Jae-sung Rhee, which was followed by congratulatory address given by Korea MICE Association vice-president Seo Won-jun. Kim Tae Won, managing director of a global IT company, gave the keynote speech on trends in the digital era and marketing that makes a difference. Director Kim emphasized the importance of digital information and analysis of the data for insights on predicting future opportunities. Following the keynote was a MICE quiz show and a open panel with mentors. For the panel, various mentors from the MICE industry gave their thoughts on the industry for the audience, and their opinions were met with great reactions.



At the MICE marketing competition, which was hosted in liaison between Seoul and other regions, future MICE intellectuals had the opportunity to share their ideas with one another. The grand prize winner of this event was the “With MICE” team, who came all the way from Gyeongju. Following the event, one of the participants remarked, “I was able to understand MICE in depth when I was preparing for the expo with my teammates.”


The day’s event facilitated communication among MICE intellectuals and was a huge success. Participants of the expo expressed great satisfaction, and it was considered an invaluable experience that provided MICE intellectuals with the opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced businessmen.



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