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2019 SMA Networking Workshop


A teambuilding program for Seoul’s Unique Venue and SMA members!



Seoul Tourism Organization hosted the 2019 Seoul MICE Alliance Networking Workshop from July 17 to 18. The Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) is a public-private organization founded by Seoul Tourism Organization and the city of Seoul in June 2011 to promote Seoul’s MICE industry by developing collaborative businesses by co-participating in the overseas MICE expos, supporting inspections of Seoul by international organizations, and assisting with media familiarization tours.


The purpose of this year’s workshop was to strengthen the relationship among members of SMA and to improve the utilization of unique venues. Participants had the opportunity to take a virtual tour around many of the different unique venues and engage in teambuilding activities.



On the first day, we experinced SJ.KUNSTHALLE, O’ngo Food Communications_Cooking Class, Vvertigo at Conrad Seoul, ELAND CRUISE, Sky Kingdom at Seoul Dragon City and the Oil Tank Culture Park. In particular, the Korean cooking class and pajeon (Green Onion Pancake) cooking contest, which were held by the teams during lunchtime, provided special fun and delicious experiences.


On the second day, we visited Top Cloud52, Sky Garden at Hyundai Deprtment Store Trade Center, STAGE28, Aston House & Camping-in-the-City at Grand Walkerhill Seoul and JUST KPOP. At the final venue, JUST KPOP, all of the MICE participants were invited to partake of enjoyable team building games, watch musical performances, and participate in the workshop program.


Kim Ji-hyun, team leader of the Seoul Convention Bureau, who planned the event, said, “With this workshop, we will experience various unique venue facilities and team building programs in Seoul, strengthen networking among SMA member companies, and hope for positive synergy in the future.”




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