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Jeongdong Theater, a nationally recognized theater presenting traditional performances


Jeongdong Theater, a nationally recognized theater presenting traditional performances


Jeongdong Theater is a nationally recognized theater with an extensive history and located in Jeong-dong, Seoul. Walk along Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, and you will easily find your way there. The theater has helped to popularize traditional Korean performances by launching its permanent performance Miso in 2008 and presenting classic Korean performances, including Love Song of Chunhyang and Baebijangjeon.


Jeongdong Theater has been awarded the “Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF)’s Choice of Best Performance” for four consecutive years. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by Korea Tourism Organization in 2012, the theater came in first place for having met with the highest satisfaction by foreign audience. In fact, the theater broke the record for total audience, as it drew more than a million people in 2014. By presenting high-quality traditional Korean performances, the theater has succeeded to publicize the excellence of traditional performance arts.


Jeongdong Maru, a Unique Venue in Jeongdong Theater



Jeongdong Maru is known for its location, as it is surrounded by various cultural heritage sites like Deoksukung Stonewall Walkway, and it retains an aura of intellectualism.


Jeongdong Maru features portable projectors, screens, and high-quality acoustic and lighting systems, which allow you to run small-scale or in-house performances, as well as various events, such as seminars, corporate events, cultural events, and marketing information sessions. Make sure to partake in one of these events after watching a performance in order to enjoy the full experience!


“Janggu Experience” was in place to learn from professional players about the exciting rhythms of Janggu, traditional Korean percussion. The class provided great opportunity to not only learn about the traditional Korean instrument, but also to have fun. The class, which runs upon reservations, is for 30 minutes and can accommodate up to 50 participants. The theater offers many other programs, such as “Pansori (traditional Korean musical storytelling) Experience,” “Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) Experience,” “Sejong Seodang (village school) Experience,” and many more.


Learn more about Korean traditions at Jeongdong Theater and experience them yourself at Jeongdong Maru by visiting this remarkable venue! The venue will definitely provide an unforgettably experience to all who come and visit.



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