Seoul MICE Webzine | A Convenient and Unique Service ‘Seoul MICE Briefing Session at Your Location’
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A Convenient and Unique Service ‘Seoul MICE Briefing Session at Your Location’


A Convenient and Unique Service ‘Seoul MICE Briefing Session at Your Location’

찾아가는설명회Seoul has been committed to providing support to a variety of programs for the MICE industry. Despite the positive fact that once organizations experience the benefits of the programs, they are likely to apply again in the future, there are still many organizations and events that have never before had the opportunity to experience these programs. The Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) has continuously promoted Seoul’s support for the MICE industry by holding briefing sessions but STO has found that many people have found it difficult to spare time to attend such sessions.

In response to this, STO recently came up with a new idea on promoting the city’s support; STO would host their briefing sessions at a conenient location that the organization desired such as a hotel or the offices of professional convention organizers (PCOs) or tour agencies.

Until last year, a briefing session was held every time there was a request by an organization. However, starting this year, such requests were collected at the beginning of the year to offer regular, more organized briefing sessions all year round. In this context, the 8th session of this year was successfully held in July.

Ever since the new “visiting”briefing session was introduced, various organizations and event hosting committees including the International Council on Archives (ICA), Pyeongchang Olympics workshops, Intercontinental Hotel, and tour agencies have learned about the city’s support at their locations of convenience.

The briefing session consists of presentations on the different levels of business events support provided by the city and are tailored to each organization and Q&A sessions. It is designed to be simple and clear so that attendees can learn about what kinds of support they can obtain through the programs. Taking advantage of the support provided, organizations not only can receive help on budgeting and marketing but also in attracting and hosting international events.

Buoyed by the high satisfaction levels so far, STO is planning to host its visiting briefing sessions regularly from August to September on Wednesdays, particularly targeting PCOs who deal extensively with the bidding and hosting of international conferences and meetings.

“We hope that more organizations can learn about Seoul’s support for the MICE industry through the briefing sessions and take full advantage of our support programs,” an official from STO commented. “We anticipate this will eventually help foster the growth of the entire Seoul MICE industry.”

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