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Alive Museum, 10 million visitors’ breakthrough

Alive Museum, 10 million visitors’ breakthrough

5 박물관은 살아있다The first theme park of optical illusion in Korea Alive Museum ( celebrates 10 million visitors’ breakthrough.

In 2009 in Korea ‘art of optical illusion’ was not such popular and it was first presented as a new cultural space ‘Alive Museum’. Now there are 5 branches in Korea and 7 branches in 5 foreign countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia etc which are loved by many customers of all generations.

Alive Museum became a new cultural trend via smartphones and SNS, it is sympathized by families, couples, friends and as a content it evokes responses of many customers. Moreover, here customers can find optical illusion photozones of such movies as ‘Maze runner’, ‘Mission: Impossible. Rogue Nation’ and ‘Now you see me 2’, also customers can find optical illusion arts and attractions in different fields, that’s why Alive Museum is at the head of this area.

Nowadays there are many similar optical illusion halls and for raising the level of competition, interested people expands the territory of media and object arts and makes efforts for content’s variety and also adverts the opening of a content in Sokcho. Dynamic Maze. Episode 2 opened in Sokcho as a hazy maze and there are many programs for experience.

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