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Asia’s Top Convention Destinations Pursue the American Market

Asia’s Top Convention Destinations Pursue the American Market

Asia’s Top Convention Destinations Pursue the American Market

Seoul – Malaysia – Singapore – Thailand Convention Bureaus Join Forces

4 Asian Bureaus Carry Out Co-Marketing for the First Time


Asia’s TOP convention destinations including Seoul, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have joined forces to pursue the American market. The four convention bureaus including the Seoul Convention Bureau, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau, and Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau have carried out a networking reception together at IMEX America 2017, a MICE exhibition held in Las Vegas from October 10th to the 12th. “This is the first time the four major Asian MICE bureaus conducted a joint marketing event to influence the MICE industry of the US” said Mr. Jin-Hyeok Park, Director of the Seoul Convention Bureau.“ “The joint collaboration will create awareness and spark interest in leading Asian MICE destinations”.



The Seoul, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand convention bureaus invited expert buyers on October 11th and hosted ‘An Evening with Asian Destinations’ at Wing Lei, an Asian restaurant at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. Since all the buyers invited by the individual bureaus were known to have an interest in Asia, the four bureaus showed a synergistic effect by jointly promoting Asia as an attractive MICE destination.


The event, which was held in the form of an open reception, included a raffle after a networking session between organizers and MICE buyers that provided the chance to win participation in a FAM tour in Asia. Buyers from Europe and the Americas who had little to no knowledge of Asia’s MICE infrastructure, were provided with the chance to directly explore Asia as an optimal MICE region through a FAM tour. The purpose of the event was to lead to the attraction of more MICE events.


Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization participated in IMEX America 2017 at the Las Vegas Sands Expo & Convention Center for three days from October 10th to the 12th, along with the Korea Tourism Organization and 17 other public institutions from Korea. During this period, efforts were taken to attract MICE events through business consultations with MICE buyers from Europe and the Americas.


IMEX America 2017’, held for the 7th time this year, is the largest MICE exhibition in North America and the number of participants is increasing every year. A total number of 12,000 people from 139 countries are expected to participate in the exhibition. Moreover, there will be 3,200 buyers from 60 countries and 3,250 exhibitors from 139 countries.

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