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“Bleisure” Trend Affecting the Meetings Industry


“Bleisure” Trend Affecting the Meetings Industry

“Bleisure” Trend Affecting the Meetings Industry

“Bleisure” is a noteworthy topic in the meetings industry as it is a new, growing trend in the business tourism market. The term “bleisure”, a combination of the words “business” and “leisure”, is a tourism concept combining work with a healthy personal life. This term was created by hotels and tourist attractions to target customers looking to enjoy business and leisure at the same time. Recently, as the boundary between work and play has blurred, bleisure participants are enhancing their lifestyle by enjoying the city’s cultural aspects and leisure time after their work or meetings.

laptop-2452176_1920The bleisure trend suggests that the number of people attending meetings who want to improve their quality of life is gradually increasing. This is extremely good news for convention bureaus and cities that want to increase the average duration of visitors’ stay, especially as average number of meetings as a whole are decreasing. World-class hotel branches and meeting destinations are already developing and promoting products targeted at their bleisure customers. There is an especially high demand from relatively young groups of meeting participants including the millennial generation, and these trends are gradually spreading to other age groups as well.

In light of this trend, Singapore has launched a program called ‘Extend Your Stay’ to increase the length of stay for meeting participants and allowing participants to choose programs that suit their interest, such as food, arts, performances, outdoor activities, and CSR. The Stuttgart exhibition hall in Germany operates an after-work center with the concept “What do participants do after work?” and provides information and incentives for performances, shopping, and tourist attractions while increasing the participants’ consumption expenditure.

It is important for stakeholders in the tourism industry to develop and utilize attractive combined packages (meeting/business + tourism/leisure) that will appeal to bleisure customers providing new opportunities, and increasing added value.

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