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Coex ~ Jamsil Sports Complex, Center of the MICE Industry

Coex ~ Jamsil Sports Complex, Center of the MICE Industry

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The Coex and Jamsil Sports Complex area is set to undergo a major expansion in size and infrastructure. Seoul recently released a series of development plans for the southeast district beginning with the announcement of the Hyundai Global Business Center (GBC) last February, the Jamsil Sports Complex vicinity in April, and for the underground space of Yeongdong-daero in May. Through these developments, Seoul hopes to create an ‘International Exchange Complex,’ which includes Coex in Samseong-dong, Hyundai GBC, and Jamsil Sports Complex, to serve as the center of Seoul’s MICE industry encompassing an exhibition & convention center and sports, performance & entertainment facilities.

[box] What is the International Exchange Complex?

From 2014 to 2025, Seoul is developing the area around Coex and the Jamsil Sports Complex into a center of future growth and an international tourist attraction which functions as a place for international affairs, the MICE industry, sports, and culture & entertainment[/box]

A total of six new buildings including a 105-story building with convention halls, exhibition space, observatory, shopping mall, theater and hotel will be built within Hyundai GBC, Seoul expects that the new Hyundai GBC, located between Coex and Jamsil Sports Complex, will link various functions of the International Exchange Complex in Seoul’s southeast area. Public walkways will be constructed linking the center of the complex with Coex, Tancheon Stream, the Jamsil Sports Complex, and Hangang River along with new cafes, sculptures, and space for events.

In the Jamsil Sports Complex, new MICE facilities will be created. The main stadium will undergo remodeling and new and upgraded facilities for exhibitions, conventions, sports, culture, and recreation will be built around it. The baseball stadium will have an increased seating capacity of 35,000. The riverside of Tancheon and Hangang will be renovated to be used as cultural and recreational space for citizens.

According to the master plan for developing underground space of Yeongdong-daero, a new Metropolitan Transfer Center (tentative name) with a floor area of 160,000㎡ will be constructed deep underground between Coex and Hyundai GBC and between Samsung Station (Line No. 2) and Bongeunsa Station (Line No. 9) In addition, a total of six lines, including wide area and urban railways, pass through the area of Samseong Station.표2

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