Seoul MICE Webzine | Conrad Seoul Announces the Opening of Outdoor Sky Lounge, VVERTIGO
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Conrad Seoul Announces the Opening of Outdoor Sky Lounge, VVERTIGO


Conrad Seoul Announces the Opening of Outdoor Sky Lounge, VVERTIGO



Conrad Seoul Announces the Opening of Outdoor Sky Lounge, VVERTIGO

VVertigo, the hidden place within the city’s high-rise buildings, is now revamped and opened


SEOUL, Korea – April 17, 2017– Conrad Seoul is pleased to announce that our newly revamped outdoor sky lounge VVERTIGO will be opened from April 17, 2017. VVertigo, which was launched last summer, has now become one of the hottest venues in Yeouido in just under a year.

VVertigo, located on the 9th floor of Conrad Seoul, has a unique and exotic atmosphere that can be sensed as soon as you walk onto the rooftop to experience that end of Spring and start of Summer feeling. Enjoy the surrounding freedom and incoming breeze from between the neighboring high-rise buildings while listening to the latest contemporary beats in the background. Experience the complete social package through a harmonized and relaxing atmosphere to escape from your exhausting urbanite routine.

VVertigo offers a variety of food and beverages including cool cocktails, wine and beer to bring a refreshing feeling from the hot weather. A grilled menu, including snacks are expertly prepared in-house by the hotel’s chef. This year, VVertigo’s improved culinary options include a new range of dishes plus a return of the most popular food items from last year. Add more fun with a new cocktail experience to share with others or a recently added ice cream dessert option to cool down. Live band performances every Thursday will lift that end of the week mood while you enjoy a backdrop of beautiful night views to the sounds of the city.

Located on the 9th floor, VVertigo is open from 3pm to midnight from Monday through to Thursday, and from 3pm to 1am on Friday. On Saturdays, it’s open from 11:30am to 1am and on Sunday, from 11:30am to midnight. Live band performances start at 7pm and 8pm every Thursday. VVertigo can accommodate for up to 120 people and offers group seating for large gatherings and intimate seating for couples. Inquiries: 02-6137-7766 (Reservation is not available and the opening times are subject to change, depending on weather conditions).

Visit or call 82-2-6137-7110 for more information and be sure to follow Conrad Seoul on Facebook

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