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Fanta-stick – a Fusion Gukak Musical and Traditional Korean Experience

Fanta-stick – a Fusion Gukak Musical and Traditional Korean Experience


The gukak (traditional Korean music) musical by COREART,  Fanta-stick, has been running two times a day since 2009. Since its opening, more than 350,000 people have enjoyed the musical, and audiences compliment it as a complex show that features the beauty of Korean culture, humor, and impressions.

The goal of `Fanta-stick` is to promote Korea to the world through a show based in traditional Korean performance, and one that everyone can enjoy regardless of their native language or age. Viewers are bound to have fun with the exciting percussion performances and beautiful fusion gukak music.

꼬레아트-내부-카페Fanta-stick brings together comedy, drums, traditional Korean instruments, and even fun interactive sessions between the audience and the performers, making it a delightful show for all.

The ‘art playground’ COREART also runs Korean cultural experience programs where participants can experience traditional Korean percussion and perform highlights from the show Fanta-stick.

COREART-drumsCOREART is located near Namsan (Mountain), and tourists can enjoy the beautiful Seoul City Wall on the way to the facility. The facility has a unique cafe that has a view of the practice space and a ‘self-cocktail bar’ where visitors can make their own cocktail with over forty types of syrups.  There are more practice spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors with a maximum capacity of 100 persons and an outdoor theater with 300 seats designed for Korean art and culture. The music lessons offered on-site make for great team building exercises.

COREART welcomes you to come by to enjoy a ‘fanta-stick’ memory with their performers!

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