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Grand Ambassador Seoul

Grand Ambassador Seoul

Feast of Diverse Dishes with Oysters in Season

Grand Ambassador Seoul’s “Fresh Oyster Festival”


Grand Ambassador Seoul’s international dining restaurant Café de Chef is holding the oyster festival until February 28. This promotion offers customers an opportunity to enjoy fresh, tasty oysters in season, providing set menus as well as a wide variety of dishes.

The set menus include two types of lunch sets and two types of special dinner sets. The oyster lunch set is served with fresh salad, soup, and bread available at the salad buffet as well as a main dish such as pasta with oyster, beef steak with deep-fried oysters, and fish dish with oyster cream sauce. The oyster lunch set costs KRW 45,000 or 66,000 depending on the main dish. On the other hand, the oyster dinner special set consisting of six courses is served with oyster cream soup, salad, beef tenderloin medallion, oyster risotto, and beef steak in pastry filled with oysters and mushrooms. The oyster dinner special set costs KRW 77,000 or 88,000 (prices are VAT-inclusive).

In addition, the restaurant serves various single-course meals made with fresh Pacific oysters such as oysters with swiri vinaigrette sauce, ceviche-style oysters with ginger and lime, oyster gratin, and grilled oysters with bacon, barbeque sauce, and cheese.

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