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Grand Ambassador Seoul

Grand Ambassador Seoul

Grand Ambassador Seoul Upgrades Again!

Opening of Japanese Restaurant ‘Sushi 孝(hyo)’ and Spa ‘OCELAS’

The Grand Ambassador Seoul has upgraded its facilities yet again with the refurbishment of its Japanese restaurant and spa, following on from last year’s remodeling of the grand ballroom and the Chinese restaurant.


The hotel’s Japanese restaurant ‘TA-KE’ was reopened as Sushi孝 (hyo means ‘filial duty’ in English). ‘Sushi孝’ is run by Chef Ahn Hyo-ju, who earned a nickname as Korea’s Mr. Shushi King (the title of a famous Japanese cartoon) during a cooking contest reality show (the Korean version of Mr. Shushi King), and is well-known as one of the best Korean sushi restaurants among gastronomes in Korea.

Under the motto “We only serve food that we would serve to our parents with a warm heart,” the restaurant serves distinctive and delicious cuisine by incorporating unique trendy recipes with traditional Japanese cooking methods. Located on the second floor of the hotel, Sushi孝 consists of a main hall with 28 seats, a sushi bar with 9 seats, and 8 special rooms that are optimal for small group meetings and seat 12, 6, or 4 persons. The restaurant offers an exciting range of menus including a lunch set menu starting from KRW 55,000, a dinner set menu starting from KRW 125,000, and single dishes (VAT is included in the prices).

Inquiries and reservations: +82-2-2270-3151



Meanwhile, Balneo Therapy, which previously provided traditional French style therapy programs, has been reopened as OCELAS to offer a European prestige spa experience. OCELAS, which is derived from the English words OCEan, Land, Air, and Sun, uses ‘beauty from nature’ as its motif. Clients can enjoy the spa’s relaxing ambience amid natural scents and soothing music, and immerse themselves in a truly healing experience through spa programs performed by professional therapists gifted with a delicate touch.

OCELAS provides diverse spa programs including La Stone therapy, the spa’s representative program in which stones are used to maximize the natural healing ability of the human body, and around fifty high-class spa programs. All the programs use products by Comfort Zone, an Italian high-class spa cosmetics brand. OCELAS, located on the first basement level of the hotel, comprises four single rooms, a room for couples, a dry space, a water therapy room, and a spa lounge. The spa is open daily from 10am to 10pm (closed on the first Wednesday of each month).

Inquiries and reservations: +82-2-2270-3277


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