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Grand Hilton Seoul

Grand Hilton Seoul

Welcoming the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season: Traditional Roast Turkey by Alpine Deli


The Alpine Deli at the Grand Hilton Seoul is offering traditional roast turkeys from November 1st to December 31st for guests looking for a classic Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. As anyone who has enjoyed traditional roast a turkey will know, seasoning determines the success or failure of the dish, and the Alpine Deli team personally prepared the best mix of ingredients including salt, sugar, lemon and parsley. After marinating the 6~9 kg turkey for 10 hours, it’s roasted at 170 degrees until the skin turns golden. Removing the turkey from the oven, it is wrapped with cooking foil, and after resting it for 3 hours at room temperature, it’s done!

In addition to turkey, the special takeout package includes mashed potato with cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, and brussel sprouts.

The turkey takeout meals from the Atrium Café are the perfect choice for those who are planning a party at home or year-end meeting. As the weather gets chillier, there is nothing better than a wholesome roast turkey dinner to warm your spirits.

The price of a small turkey for 6~8 people is KW200,000, while a large turkey for 9~11 people is KW250,000 (inclusive of tax). Please call to reserve your turkey two days in advance.

Reservations: Alpine Deli 02-2287-8989

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