Seoul MICE Webzine | How to Enjoy ‘Seoullo 7017’ 100 Times More
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How to Enjoy ‘Seoullo 7017’ 100 Times More


How to Enjoy ‘Seoullo 7017’ 100 Times More

How to Enjoy ‘Seoullo 7017’ 100 Times More


On May 20, the groundbreaking linear park Seoullo 7017 opened its doors simultaneously with eight other tourist amenities. Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced recipes from famous chefs, such as the leading Korean health food bibimbap along with 20 types of souvenirs found only at Seoullo 7017.




The eight tourist amenities include three tourism information facilities (① Seoullo Traveler’s Café, ② Seoullo Information Office and ③ Seoullo Gift Shop) and five eateries and cafés (④ 7017 Seoul Flower Pot, ⑤ Rose Kimbap, ⑥ Hydrangea Bread, ⑦ Magnolia Café and ⑧ Acorn Sweets.) The city announced that these amenities will stay open year round as a new tourism landmark in Seoul and a rest area for Seoulites within the city.




Seoullo Traveler’s Café is a one-stop service lounge for foreign tourists that offers services such as luggage storage, computers to reserve tourism items and copiers, scanners and fax machines. Moreover, the souvenir store Seoullo Gift Shop sells all types of souvenirs. Seoullo 7017 plans to place “On the Go” tourist guides on busy weekends over a length of 1,027 meters to act as an indoor and outdoor tourist information center and welcome lounge.


7017 Seoul Flower Pot is a casual Korean dining area where honorary Seoul chefs including stars Kim So-hee and Hooni Kim will offer bibimbap–themed special recipes called “10 Chefs, 10 Colors” year round under their names. The 10 chefs have agreed to revitalize culinary tourism in Korea.




The five eateries and cafés were named after trees planted in each area. 7017 Seoul Flower Pot got its name from bibimbap’s ancient word “flower pot” as it resembles flowers. The interior of the complex is decorated with colors from different trees and creates a unique atmosphere at each space.


On the other hand, city authorities will pour efforts into revitalizing the municipal economy to continue the vibrancy started by Seoullo 7017. To this end, collaboration with small businesses and development of city attractions are planned.




Ahn Jun-ho, General-Director of Seoul’s Tourism & Sports for Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “Seoullo will become the top must–visit tourist attraction for visitors to Seoul, as the eight tourist amenities provide different forms of services and atmosphere.”




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