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Interpretation Program Offers Linguistic Support for Tourism Industry Workers

Interpretation Program Offers Linguistic Support for Tourism Industry Workers

관광통역프로그램Inbound tourism statistics released by the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute found that a total number of 11.47 million visited Korea this year from January through August. Of this total, Chinese visitors amounted to 5.6 million, accounting for 49% of total visitors, followed by Japanese visitors with a total number of 1.45 million.

When examining visitors from other nations, during the same period, more than 260,000 tourists visited Korea from Thailand, 180,000 tourists visited from Indonesia, and 150,000 ones from Vietnam and Russia respectively.

While brochures at tourist attractions in English, Chinese, and Japanese are plentiful it’s less common to find them in other languages. Many tour guides are also fluent in a few languages but they are also usually only in these select few languages.

To resolve the inconvenience of communicating with special languages-speaking foreigners, the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) provides people working in the tourism industry with tourism interpretation and translation with voice services in 16 languages.

The tourism interpretation program can easily be utilized on one’s existing smartphone after installing the SD card embedded with 6.4 million sentences. This program can simultaneously deliver 16 languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese. It enables users to search and translate offline and some contents (English, Chinese, Japanese) are even available for language conversation learning by level.

Tourism employees wanting to receive support for the tourism interpretation program should contact the tourism marketing team of the Seoul Tourism Organization at 02-3788-0827. Please note that applications will only be accepted until November 11 (Friday) and the program is currently only available for Android phones.

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