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JW Marriott Hotel Seoul

JW Marriott Hotel Seoul

JW Marriott Hotel Seoul Launches Chinese Business Lunch

Three delicious, nutritious and fast course menus from Man Ho

JW_Marriott_Seoul_Man_HoMan Ho, the authentic Chinese restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, is serving three special lunch courses designed to meet the needs of business diners until December 31.

Course A features Buddha Jumps over the Wall, Man Ho’s healthy signature dish, plus rockfish fried with vegetables and XO sauce, sea cucumber soup, and chicken stew with mushroom and ginseng, while Course B includes fried sea cucumber and scallops with douchi sauce, braised beef meatballs, and steamed toothfish and tofu. Course C consists of rockfish and tofu soup seasoned with fragrant coriander, chicken fried with chili, steamed oxtail, and egg sprinkled with seafood and scallops.

The three course menus are designed to include the dishes that have proved most popular among diners holding lunchtime business meetings. Made using the freshest, highest quality ingredients, many of the dishes are cooked rapidly on high heat. Courses A, B and C are priced at KRW 142,000, KRW 102,000 and KRW 77,000, respectively. (Prices marked include tax and service charge.)

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