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Members Meeting of Seoul MICE Alliance


Members Meeting of Seoul MICE Alliance

Members Meeting of Seoul MICE Alliance

Discussion of Joint Development between Seoul and Alliance


Seoul MICE Alliance meeting was held on April 27 at the Jeong-dong Theater to discuss the key policies of Seoul Metropolitan Government toward MICE in the city. Moreover, boosting the competitiveness and network of the Seoul MICE industry was also covered.




Jeongdong Theater, a member of the Seoul MICE Alliance’s entertainment division  redeveloped a café into a new and unique space, Jeong-dong Maru, last month. The theater, which has been revamped as a multipurpose venue blending performances and space, hosted the Seoul MICE Alliance’s members meeting.


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A combined 77 people from 51 Seoul MICE Alliance member groups attended. The event began with an introduction of the 2017 Seoul MICE support program consisting of qualitative criteria. In the past, the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s support qualifications for business events were based on quantitative indexes but starting this year it is including and supplementing ‘qualitative indexes’ for events with the potential to created added value the local society, environment, and economy.


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In this event, participants sought to network with one another and share ideas based on the state of the industry. Prior to the meeting, a survey on how members were impacted by the deployment of the U.S. missile system THAAD was carried out, and this led to a lively discussion based on the results. According to the survey, THAAD caused damages worth about 3million dollars to 18 members. So active discussions on future responses to the THAAD threat were also held.




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