Seoul MICE Webzine | New Customized City Tours Offer International Business Visitors the Best of Seoul
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New Customized City Tours Offer International Business Visitors the Best of Seoul

New Customized City Tours Offer International Business Visitors the Best of Seoul


[dropcap]A[/dropcap] new range of city tours, designed to allow international event organizers to customize their sightseeing itineraries around their meetings, has been developed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Under the program, 20 new courses have been created to showcase Seoul’s many attractions, and are divided into full-day, half-day, nighttime, and niche courses, spanning everything from cultural experiences to industrial and medical tours.

Each tour was required to meet a series of criteria that ensured their suitability for business visitors as well as boosting the profile of already-existing tourism programs, including walking tours, night tours, and other popular courses. In addition, each tour had to fit into a clear theme, and facilitate event participants’ arrival and departure at hotels located within Seoul, near the Coex convention and exhibition center, and the city’s airports.

seoul-20-toursThe Full-day Courses include trips to the Hangang (River) to compare and contrast Seoul’s rapid technological advancement over the past fifty years,as well as industry tours of Seoul’s IT, film, and finance sectors, and traditional cultural experiences, among others. Meanwhile, Half-day Tours, the second-largest category, takes participants to Seoul’s major shopping districts, offers Buddhist temple experiences, and the opportunity to enjoy a traditional non-verbal performance of Korean theater.

Also available are Night Courses, which visit popular evening locales Hongdae and Itaewon, introduce traditional Korean liquor in the city’s center, and bring participants a hallyu experience. Also known as the ‘Korean Wave’, hallyu describes the spread of Korean culture overseas, from television and film to clothing and cosmetics. Finally, the Niche courses will appeal to those interested in Seoul’s medical facilities, luxury shopping and entertainment facilities.

More information about the new courses will be made available in Team Building with Seoul, an upcoming guide to Seoul-based corporate social activities as submitted by members of the Seoul MICE Alliance, a public-private partnership of local government and the city’s top meetings industry stakeholders. The book is scheduled to be published by the Seoul Metropolitan Government later this month.

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