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New Programs to Be Added for Team Building Seoul for 2017

New Programs to Be Added for Team Building Seoul for 2017

Seoul Metropolitan Government, together with the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO), has been running its Team Building program(Teambuilding with Seoul) as one of the city’s many support services for qualifying business event participants. Currently the program features 19 activities from mission-based games to culturally-immersive programs, aimed at developing cooperation among participants. The STO collaborated with members of the Seoul MICE Alliance and recently added six more team building activities that will help international business visitors taste, feel and enjoy Seoul while solidifying their bond as a team.

Taste Seoul

One of the quickest way to understand a culture is through its food. In that sense, trying Korean food can be one of the ways to learn about Korea and its culture. For MICE attendees who are interested in understanding Korea through food, there are Team Building programs associated with food such as kimchi making, visiting famed Seoul restaurants, and cooking classes.

① Kimchi making

1 김치만들기

Museum Kimchikan offers programs where visitors can look around the kimchi museum and try their hand at making kimchi. The museum is composed of three levels and each floor offers information on the history, culture, and science behind kimchi through various exhibits and digital materials. Visitors can not only taste a variety of kimchi but also make their own whole cabbage kimchi, white kimchi or other Korean food including suyuk (steamed pork) at its facility called ‘Gimjangmaru.’ The museum offers a package and delivery service that allows visitors to send the kimchi they made to their home countries.

② Night Dining Tour2 나잇다이닝

The Night Dining Tour by Ongofood is more than a restaurant tour and is designed to teach participants about the food culture of Seoul through the five senses. With a theme of ‘Korean hoesik (after-work dining) culture,’ the program provides attendees with a chance to communicate with each other and strengthen their relationships. The tour takes the attendees to different restaurants and bars throughout the night, just like how Korean locals typically have their hoesik by moving from a restaurant or bar to another. The tour program is designed to take participants to restaurants and traditional markets where locals hang out, rather than tourist-centered restaurants. The types of food, route, and duration of the tour can be customized upon request.

③ Korean Cooking Team Building3 쿠킹

The Korean Cooking Team Building program, also run by Ongofood, offers a unique experience of making and enjoying Korean food as a group. Attendees can build their bond as a team and understand each other better through the program’s cooking process. The program starts off with a chef’s demonstration on how to make the dishes, and then each team makes their own dishes. Afterwards, they get to enjoy what they made while helping them to better understand Korean culture, including the food. Each program covers two to three famous Korean dishes and runs for three hours, including the dining time. The types of dishes made in the class can be adjusted upon request.

Feel Seoul4 정동극장

Programs that allow visitors to experience Korean traditional arts are available for qualifying MICE attendees with an interest in the arts. Jeongdong Theater located in the Jeongdong neighborhood of Seoul is one of the most famous theaters in Korea that offers a variety of traditional musical performances and cultural learning programs. One of its programs, ‘Culture Stage’, provides visitors with a unique experience of learning Korean traditional music from the theater’s artists and performers through playing an instrument (janggu), dancing, or learning to sing the traditional music of pansori.

Enjoy Seoul5 버블사커

Bubble Soccer is a fun activity recommended for those who are seeking an active and unique experience. Bubble Soccer, run by Frientrip, is a sport that has participants playing soccer while encased in an inflated torus. Originating from Norway, it has become so popular that there are a number of leagues run in many European and North American countries. It is expected to attract hallyu fans as well as it was featured in popular Korean TV shows such as “Infinite Challenge“ and “Running Man“. Bubble Soccer is usually played for two hours, outdoors on grass or any open space. For participants who have spent significant time in conferences and meetings, this fun activity outdoors will prove a welcome break.

Make-up in Seoul6 메이크업클래스

K-beauty, along with hallyu, has dramatically risen in popularity in recent years. H&K Consulting offers a make-up program where visitors can learn about the beauty secrets of Korea’s top stars such as Song Hye-gyo and Jeon Ji-hyun and create their own make-up styles. During its make-up class, a professional make-up artist picks a model out of the attendees for demonstration and shares beauty tips. The attendees will have a chance to practice the taught cosmetic tips and techniques, following the make-up artist’s instructions, to emulate the hallyu stars.

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