Overseas Korean Adoptees Search for their Roots in Seoul

▲ IKAA Gathering 2015 Held in Hawaii

▲IKAA Gathering 2015 Held in Hawaii

Korean adoptees from all over the world will gather together in Seoul with the purpose of experiencing traditional Korean culture, facilitating communication with one another, to better discover their roots.

The International Korean Adoptee Associations (IKAA) is holding its IKAA Gathering 2016 from August 2 to August 7 at Lotte Hotel, Sogong-dong. A total of 600 people, including Korean adoptees from 20 countries and their family members are expected to attend the annual event which aims to help adoptees to better understand Korea, uncover their identity, and develop networks with other adoptees.

This year’s theme for the gathering is ‘Connecting Communities & Looking Towards the Future’ and will stress the positive effects of close communication for individuals and family members.

▲ Korean Fan Dance Performance at the IKAA Gathering 2015

▲Korean Fan Dance Performance at the IKAA Gathering 2015

The attendees will participate in various programs prepared under the theme of the event including an Amazing Race held across Seoul, poker tournament, and symposiums. In particular, a lot of efforts have been put into creating a variety of family programs.

IKAA explained Korean adoptees can serve as cultural ambassadors in many countries around the world and that they expected the gathering to contribute in developing a community of Korean adoptees and promoting active exchanges.

For the event, Seoul Tourism Organization provided financial support and PR materials and added that it hoped the meeting would prove a meaningful opportunity in instill pride for the Korean adoptees in their homeland

▲Participants in 2012 IKAA Gathering During the Tour in Paris

▲Participants in 2012 IKAA Gathering During the Tour in Paris

IKAA (International Korean Adoptee Associations), established in March 2004, is an international alliance of independent organizations for overseas Korean adoptees. It aims to improve communication among Korean adoptee communities across the globe, hold various events for overseas adoptees, form solidarity among international adoptee communities, and share information to promote better interaction with Korean society.

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Author: Jiyeon Lee

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