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Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater, New Masterpiece

Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater, New Masterpiece

2 서울돈화문국악당

Amid the most beautiful harmony of autumn clear sky and five colored leaves on the road, November, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater will be decorated with free and experimental music to stimulate our senses and enrich our emotions with autumn taste.

Like masterpieces of traditional music subject to respect from future generations due to affluent musical heritage, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater’s planned performance <New Masterpiece> seeking for masterpieces to be remembered forever in the history of traditional music in the future. It is composed of diverse ensembles breaking the border between Korean and western music and a variety of modern music and musical play embracing traditionality, contemporary characteristic and modernity, and performances with newly grown forms of the high degree of perfection.

CMEK(Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea) opening up new horizon of Korean music through endless research and attempt by working with several composers at home and abroad, Kayagum Ensemble SAGYE and Alternative Sound Theater will present a performance full of passion four times a week to provide a unique impression. Be with today’s ‘masterpiece’, the moment of birth.

Genre Gugak(Korean Traditional Music)

Venue Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater

Date 7:30PM, Weekday / 3PM, Every Saturday, November 1-19

Run time 70-80min

Ticket: 20,000won

Age Group 8 and up

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