Seoul MICE Webzine | Seoul Dragon City’s A La Maison launches ‘Maison de Garden Afternoon Tea Set’
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Seoul Dragon City’s A La Maison launches ‘Maison de Garden Afternoon Tea Set’

Seoul Dragon City’s A La Maison launches ‘Maison de Garden Afternoon Tea Set’

Seoul Dragon City’s A La Maison launches ‘Maison de Garden Afternoon Tea Set’

– Presents a relaxing tea time in a garden in the center of the city, available until September 11st  

– Guests can scent and choose their own herbal tea served with garden-themed desserts and sandwiches


‘Maison de Garden Afternoon Tea Set’ provides guests with a special relaxation in a garden in the center of the city with unique features awakening one’s basic senses such as sight, sound, taste, scent, and touch. Guests can make their own choice of herbal tea after scenting aroma of various herbs. After guests choose one herb for each, two cups of herbal teas are served with 8 kinds of garden-themed desserts and 3 sandwiches made of healthy ingredients. As A La Maison newly opened an outdoor terrace this month, guests can enjoy more relaxing time surrounded by greenery and sounds of singing birds and waterfall. ‘Maison de Garden Afternoon Tea Set’ is available for 10 couples a day between 11a.m to 5p.m upon reservation and is priced at KRW 68,000 for two(tax and service charge included).


[서울드래곤시티1] 알라메종, 메종 드 가든 애프터눈 티 세트There are 6 herbs that guests can scent and choose from; Lavender, Rosemary, Spearmint, Stevia, Apple Mint, and Chamomile. Each herb provides different benefits such as helping relieve stress, improve concentration, or recover from fatigue. One can have the tea either hot or cold depending on their preference.


A selection of 8 mouth-watering desserts with unique garden-themed design is accompanied with tea. The dessert includes Green Tea Cookie Choux, Garden Blossom Champagne Jelly, Nut Chocolate Bite on the Grass, Citron Tart, Hallabong Polenta Cake, and more. Guests can also choose 3 savories among Chicken Breast with Blini, Deep Fried Sweet French Toast, Margherita Sandwich, and Crab Rillettes Mini Brioche Burger.




A La Maison is an upscale ‘wine bar & deli’ where Eastern and Western design elements combine to create a singular and serene setting. During the daytime, guests can enjoy home-made bakery with gourmet tea and coffee. In the evening, fine wines imported from across the globe and dining menus based on French gastronomy are served. In particular, with a total of 170 vintages and 20 glass wines available, guests can savor the rich taste of world’s finest wines. Bakery and café menu is available from 8a.m to 6p.m and dining and wine service from 6p.m to 11p.m.





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