Seoul MICE Webzine | Seoul embracing peace, realized the value of Rotary again in Korean style
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Seoul embracing peace, realized the value of Rotary again in Korean style

Seoul embracing peace, realized the value of Rotary again in Korean style

로타리150,000 Rotary Club members visited Korea for 5 days since last May 28, realizing the value of Rotary in Korean way again. International Rotary Club is world’s largest non-profit civil organization founded in 1905, as the global friendship society with participation of incumbent businessmen and professional specialists etc, for the purpose of public service more than just a service and practice of peace rather than just conceptual peace. The 6,000 Rotarians participated in this event held in Seoul, could unfold the value of peace in center of the city based on through preparation by Seoul Tourism Organization.

Especially the ‘3K Peace for Walk’ as the first event of 2016 Rotary International Convention became the Launchpad for Seoul to step up to the qualitatively superior city rather than the city simply hosting numerous quantitative international events, as the beautiful companion from Seoul Plaza to Gwanghwamun Plaza became the opportunity for not only 50,000 Rotarians but also for Seoul citizen to recognize the value of peace and service.


Also, ‘3K Peace for Walk’ event was the occasion that represent the beseeming value of Seoul where the tradition coexists with the modernity. At the end of the march in their traditional costumes, Worldwide Rotarians joined the Korean traditional beautiful companion named “Ganggang sulae’encircling the City Hall plaza, also wishing Reconciliation and Welfare as the representative value of International Rotary Club. Concurrently, about one hundred members of Rotary Club participated in Rotary 3km walking event in their Korean costume prepared by Seoul Tourism Organization, contributing the ‘3K Peace for Walk’event with the beauty of Korean costumes.


Meanwhile, Seoul city and Seoul Tourism Organization established Seoul Publicity booth, to publicize Korean traditional culture and Seoul’s tourism infrastructure etc. On Rotarian who participated in experience events such as rice cake mallet pounding, Jianzi and Tuho etc, said “I did not know Korea has various traditional culture like these. It is lucky for us the International Rotary Convention, well recognizant of differences and diversities, is held in Seoul. Also the participants took pictures at the Photo Wall with attractions of Seoul as the background together with staffs in Korean traditional costumes, rushed to participate in free postcard mailout events and calligraphy event at one corner of Seoul publicity booth with a very happy look.


Some applicants used special tour programs, to experience the cultural tour points and traditional markets of Seoul. The special tour program prepared by Seoul Tourism Organization comprised two courses, guiding about 50 participants to visit Gwangjang market etc. While participants look around the unfamiliar Korean market foods, their eyes gleamed throughout the course, and urgently took out their cameras and act out the ‘Korean style Food Porn’


Korean Tourism Organization estimated that 2016 Rotary International Convention would bring inductive effects on production of 292.5 billion Won and employment of 1,800 persons in total. Meanwhile, Seoul events of 2016 Rotary International Convention would work as the triggering point for Seoul to be reborn as the ‘sound MICE city embracing peace’.

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